Hi, I'm Nathan Jeffery (aka nuclearpengy - short for nuclear penguin). This is my home, if you can have such a thing, on the web.

I'm a results driven, technology strategist, full stack software debugger, and machine learning and business enthusiast. This may sound glamorous, to some, but in reality, I spend most of my day in conference calls, reading and replying to instant messages and email, and doing research or fixing bugs in software.

I have a broad range of work experience including more than 10 years in technology and digital, 10 years in hospitality and entertainment, 2 years in retail and 2 years in private adult education.

I enjoy streamlining non-tech businesses using technology and I've had the privilege to work on systems in FinTech, EdTech and GovTech.

I blog at and sometimes publish content on but spend a lot more time reading than I do writing.

I'm irrationally optimistic.

The easiest way to reach me is on Twitter; feel free to DM me. You can also find me at numerous other places online.

I'm generally quite busy but I enjoy a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a whisky so if you're ever in George, let me know and maybe we can meet up. Obviously, only after the South African COVID-19 lockdown is over.