nuclearpengy - writing

At some point, after starting MyEcommerce, I decided to start blogging. I set up a Wordpress site, ran ads and all sorts of plugins but eventually realised all I really cared about was the writing; when Ghost was released I moved across as quickly as I could. Ghost is a beautiful, simple system dedicated to blogging. If you're interested in blogging I highly recommend you give it a try.

This page lists the posts I have written so far. Every so often I read through one of my old posts and feel a little embarressed about my writing style at the time; I guess it's a sign of growth. I don't spend nearly enough time writing but I do look forward to being able to look back at my writing one day and remember what I was thinking or going through at some time in the past.


Avoid cheap work
Pay for good contracts and use them
Hire a boutique accounting firm
Focus and commit
Take Ownership
Do what you love
Micro Failure
Vodacom and MTN are trying to regulate (break) the Internet


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Dear Apple - Sketch is leaving the App Store
How to make your iPhone's battery last as long as your old Nokia
Hire slow, fire slower
Don't be fucking mediocre
It's time you become a builder
No one gives a shit unless you broke it
Imposter syndrome and failure
Engage your clients carefully
Don't stress about shit
Client acquisition and sales is a full time job
Want to make money? Disrupt an industry
Goals are important but the journey is too
Choose partners carefully


Changing social habits
Stop wishing your life away
Remote work
No more out of office replies
Launching an app
Launching a website
Are mailing lists good bad or ugly
No time for nonsense
How we work
Email is not broken
tend years on the web
Twitter - clean and simple
I am an edge case
A case against unbundling
Simple backup plan
2013 Year in review


My take on investing
I'm talking at Net Prophet 2013
Two months without Android
Trying something new for hardware night
Cloud Connect Hot Spot at Caloroso
Networking evening at Lynn Schroeder BMW
Software night at G3ECS
Free Roam at G3ECS
A week with Moves
Hardware night at G3ECS
Tertiary School in Business Administration
Introduction to the web and some HTML basics
First G3ECS coding session complete
Sommerset Mall
Jason Bakery
Escape Cafe Disappoints
Bean There Coffee Company
Time for Swedish House Mafia
Simply Asia
Seattle Coffee is back at Canal Walk
Matt and I decided to meet up
Kopi Luwak at Haas
iStore and the new iMac
Table bay on the Ameera catamaran
Sinus issues really suck
Origin to Kick the day into gear
M-Kem is open 24 hours a day
Cape Town trip - a little behind schedule
G3ECS starts this week
Killer hot cycle
The bitter realisation
Bolognese with a creamy twist
How I spent by birthday
2013 Kicks off with a bang
Apple Product Protection


A chilled out birthday


Cop Out
The Hurt Locker
Case 39
Pomodoro Save Face
Woolworths good yet disappointing
The Wilderness Experience
A long day in Gauteng
Social with Pieter Cloete
Schuks Tshabalala
Early morning at the dentist
Look after your teeth
Hyunny the Hyundai
Hyundai i30
Hyundai i20
Hyundai i10
Adobe CS5 Master Collection
Dell Studio 1558
Pelham 123
Office 2010
XIII Conspiracy
The Airport
Trip to Midrand
The Informant
Anywhere but home
Google Buzz
District 9
Quarter Century
MyEcommerce is growing
DJ Set - New Year's Eve at Fancourt


De Vette Mossel
7's After Party at Cactus
DJ Set 7's Party at Cactus
Windows 7
Google Chrome Frame
Sony Ericsson W995
Dell Studio 1555
Eastern Promises
Prison Break
The Proposal
Google changing the world
Education System
Energy Efficiency
Steers still not meeting the mark
Roosters don't have large chips
McDonalds Setting the trend
Transformers Revenge of the fallen
Seven Pounds
DJ Set - 40th Birthday at Powell Farm
Max Payne
Proof of Life
Mad Money
X-Men Origins Wolverine
Life Aquatic
Angels and Demons
Customer Awards Evening Coyote Cactus
Fast and Furious New Model Original Parts
27 Dresses
I think I love my wife
Rise Blood Hunder
Elections 2009
Election coffee - Wimpy
Steers staff are sleeping
Water's Birthday at OB's
Leigh and Velizar's Wedding - By Grace Alone
Leigh and Velizar's bachelor and bachelorette's
4 Years with Amelia
Kell's Birthday at Picasso's
Presentation Absa Business Forum
DJ Set - 70's Part St. Augustine Hall
DJ Set - Wedding Kwelanga Lodge
Dedicated Server - A new era
I'm Rusting
Dusted Off Bicycle
New Year's Eve at Britney's new pad


DJ Set - 18th Birthday at Tramonto
DJ Set - ACSA Year End Function at Tramonto
DJ Set - DHL Box at IRB 7s
DJ Set - Wedding at lakeside Lodge