nuclearpengy - recommendations received

What other people have to say.

Paul Jacobson

Tech heroes exist. Nathan Jeffery took a lot of his very limited spare time over the weekend and yesterday to help me salvage my nearly 10 year old website and he did it without me asking him to do it in the first place.

I don’t know many people who work as hard as he does (I think he sleeps, I’m just not sure when) and he still steps in to help me when I hit a snag. As snags go, this was one of my most spectacular DIY (Destroy It Yourself) efforts and he was with me the whole way, messaging me with suggestions, feedback and uploading modified versions of my databases and XML files. If it wasn’t for Nathan, I may have given up on my site as lost. Instead, I have a site which seems to be complete and turns 10 in December (I still have my first post). He is very modest but, holy cow, he helped me out of a spectacular mess. 

Nathan selflessly stepped in and helped me out in a big way. That should tell you a lot about him, his integrity and dedication and why you should talk to him when you need work done. I am enormously grateful.

Herman Labuschagne

I have known Nathan Jeffery for several years. What always impressed me about him was his ability to think of unique angles to solving problems. A mind that looks at problems not only from the top and bottom, but also sideways. This kind of outlook is rare in business, and very valuable from a systems point of view. Nathan listens carefully and is very quick to come up with ideas and solutions. He is the kind of gentleman you’d do well to bounce ideas off, and very possibly use to give those same ideas wings.

Beverley Merriman

Nathan is a talented project manager. From a web and software development perspective, he is technically proficient and a leader, motivator and supporter of team members. 

His technical proficiency combined with excellent communication skills is his strength - it ensures that he manages customer expectations and garners stakeholder support to achieve goals swiftly.

His knowledge and experience makes him a super resource for anything web-related - he’ll either know how to accomplish it or know the right person to make it happen. Brilliant, positive, helpful and committed - I’ll recommend him as a project leader any day.

Imel Rautenbach

Nathan is a truly gifted and highly motivated project and team manager. He manages multiple complex projects simultaneously and with ease, yet manages to make everything appear simple and smooth.  He knows how to mask complex technical issues in clear business language, and communicates effectively. He is an expert at using online collaboration in order to get things done, saving time and money, whilst delivering top results. I am happy to recommend him without hesitation to any potential customers.

Craig Moss

Nathan is a detail-oriented Director who keeps his eye on the goal and a cool head in times of crisis. His vast knowledge and cheerful attitude has been a steady rock for the business to grow and excel.

Omri Naude

Anything IT, web related, out of the box, brilliant and committed - Nathan is your go to man.

Chris Cates

You really make ideas valuable. Not only do you define the user base, you map it out for me too so I have a clear path on how to cater to that user. I need this kind of direction when I build stuff. It’s almost like you’re made for writing spec sheets.

Mustafa Sarhan

Thank you very much for your advice over the last few days. I have made a lot of progress, moving in the right direction, setting up meetings with startup advisors and some key players in business management.